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fitLight Trainer™ - A revolutionary invention

Erik Veje Rasmussen, the former Danish Olympic/Professional and National Team Handball player developed a revolutionary training system, named Octopus Trainer in 2007. Since the introduction of the system, major sports teams and universities around the world have adopted the Octopus Training System as their system of choice. Erik continues to be at the forefront of professional sport and is presently the Manager/Coach of a Professional Danish Handball team in Aarhus, Denmark. Erik continues to explore modern alternative ways to condition and improve the skills of his team and as such has introduced a series of revolutionary new products that satisfy the needs of all sports and takes training to a whole new level.

Now fast forward to the future and Erik has further enhanced the system and we are proud to introduce the Patent Pending fitLight Trainer™ a flexible wireless version, with the ability to be adapted and configured for all Sports, Hand/Eye Co-ordination Training, Strength and Conditioning and controlled Rehabilitation from Injuries, ALL INTEGRATED INTO ONE SYSTEM. With the fitLight Trainer™ you can design any training profile /routine you require, regardless if the focus is on speed, strength, the ability to concentrate and react or vision training.  FitLight Sports Corp. would like to introduce the fitLight Trainer™ designed by an athlete for athletes and anyone dedicated to better training and conditioning.  

Erik Veje Rasmussen Biography

Erik Veje Rasmussen (born April 9, 1959) is a former Danish handball player who competed in the 1984 Summer Olympics. He played club handball with Helsingør IF, and was the top goal scorer of the 1983 Danish Handball League season.[1] In 1984 he finished fourth with the Denmark national handball team in the Olympic tournament. He played all six matches and scored 25 goals.[2] Rasmussen played a total 233 games for the national team.[3] He went on to coach SG Flensburg-Handewitt and Aarhus GF.